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StopSign’s 2014 version protects your home and office PC’s better than ever, and for less than $50 per year (and no hidden fees!).

When you become a StopSign member, you’ll be using one of the safest and best supported anti-virus protection software suites available today.

Download StopSign and enjoy the following benefits:

  • One Low Price Gets You Unlimited Virus Detection & Removal.

    At StopSign we don’t think it’s right to charge our members extra money if you need a custom fix for your computer or if your computer becomes infected with a new virus. We just create a Custom Cure, fix your computer, and move on… Just like it should be. Other antivirus companies charge you upwards of $100 per incident for individualized help. Why do they charge you extra for something you’ve already paid for?

  • Our Support and Development Teams Are 100% US-Based.

    We don’t outsource our Support or Software teams; Our entire office is located near Seattle, Washington. And while we don’t think you’ll need to contact us, if you do need us we’re available to help by phone (800-786-7744), email (, and even live chat.

  • Complete, Robust Internet security Software.

    StopSign includes threat scanning to detect viruses and spyware, comprehensive malware removal including free Custom Cure® technology for members who need individual attention, a strong yet simple firewall to prevent unwanted software from getting onto your computer, on-access scanning to verify the good from the bad on demand, and much more.

It takes less than a minute to download StopSign on a broadband connection and only a few minutes to install. In the time it took to read this page, you could download and install StopSign and see the difference between us and the competition.