Persistent Virus or Spyware? Get a Custom Cure™!

There’s a dirty little secret in the field of computer security: no antivirus or spyware product can detect or clean everything. It’s true. StopSign is a great product and we’re constantly upgrading our antivirus and antispyware engines to provide the absolute best protection for our members; but there is no security product on the market that can deal with every single infection, especially emerging or previously unknown vulnerabilities, called zero day attacks. Our solution to this problem is a Custom Cure™ that our Support Staff creates on an individual basis for any active member who needs one.

We’ll often hear “Well so and so’s product removed such and such infection, why didn’t StopSign?” Honestly, we’re glad when we hear that, because that means our members are talking to us instead of assuming the worst, and then we can tell anyone experiencing this problem about our very unique Custom Cure™ service that addresses anything we might miss during a scan. Once we know about your problem, our support techs will get some information about your infection and then create a fix that’s customized for your particular needs.

Just like all of our US-based support, a Custom Cure™ is part of your StopSign membership and is provided at no additional charge! That’s right… all of our technical support is absolutely free to our members. We don’t charge you for Custom Cure’s™, phone calls, emails, or online chats with our Support Staff.

If you’re an active StopSign member and come across a particularly nasty virus or spyware infection that just keeps sticking around, please contact our Support Staff and submit a support ticket online so we can begin to walk you through the entire process and get your machine clean.

If you're looking for great anti-virus software that won't break the bank, try StopSign. You don't pay extra for tech support for difficult malware, and our web protection software just works. Download & install StopSign to find out why our members choose us over the other options.

About Jon

Jon has worked in the tech industry since the pre-Bubble dotcom days and still has a 1200 Baud modem somewhere in his garage. When he's not advocating the use of strong passwords and being smart about social media, he's working on finding new ways to convince his wife that bacon is a vegetable which should be eaten with every meal.