StopSign Gets Your PC Cured. Guaranteed.

StopSign Gets Your PC Cured. Guaranteed.

A lot of companies claim to be something they aren’t, but at StopSign we’re not that way. We pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd by making sure that you get the best, most comprehensive Internet security software available coupled with world-class support, all for a fair monthly fee (or yearly if you prefer) that won’t break your budget.

When you become a paid member of StopSign Internet security, you’re getting the whole kit-and-kaboodle. We’re so confident in our ability to make and keep you safe from viruses and spyware that we proudly offer the following:

  • Guaranteed PC cures:

    As a paid member, no matter what state your machine is in, we’re here to help you get virus- and spyware-free. From simple install problems to creating a Custom Cure™ for your PC if infected with a persistent infection, we’re in it for the long haul.

  • US-based technical support:

    All of the StopSign technical support staff is located in our Poulsbo, WA office, just a short ferry ride from Seattle. We’ve never outsourced our support staff and we don’t have any future plans to do so, either. And all of their training and expertise comes from right here in the US.

  • No hidden fees:

    A paid StopSign membership is like one of those all-inclusive resorts, only we don’t serve Mai-Tai’s and we’re not surrounded by crystal clear waters. Once you’re a member, that’s it. There are no hidden fees to upgrade your support options, there’s no extra money needed to cure a persistent infection, and we won’t hit you up for a new plan that will cost you a lot more money.

  • Multiple contact methods:

    If you need to contact us for billing or support questions, we make ourselves available to you in multiple methods: Email, Live Chat, Online Ticketing, and yes, and even with an 800 number.

Don’t get caught in a cycle of throwing good money after bad to your security software vendor. With a paid StopSign membership you only pay your regular membership fee to get your PC cured, no matter what.

Image courtesy of StopSign Internet security.

If you're looking for great anti-virus software that won't break the bank, try StopSign. You don't pay extra for tech support for difficult malware, and our web protection software just works. Download & install StopSign to find out why our members choose us over the other options.

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