Custom Cure™

What’s A Custom Cure™?

When a new virus hits the Internet, it takes time for antivirus software companies to develop a fix for each new set of malware, often called a “Zero-Day” infection. Until that time, computers are susceptible to infection. It’s a problem that every Internet security software company deals with on a daily basis.

But at StopSign, we literally have a trademark on a revolutionary process that helps get your computer fixed in a hurry. It’s called a Custom Cure, and it’s a personalized virus & spyware cure you’ll only find with StopSign Internet Security software.

Why Would I Need A Custom Cure?

Not only is your computer vulnerable to Zero-Day infections, but persistent virus & spyware infections are an ever-popular tactic with malware developers, and these viruses are notorious for wreaking havoc on PC’s by re-installing themselves over and over. And the worst part is that since people think that just because they have antivirus software installed, they’re safe. But sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Confused? Do you think that since you have antivirus software it should block everything 24/7? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But the problem is that no Internet security company can remove an infection it doesn’t know about. Luckily, we have a solution, and that solution is a Custom Cure.

How Much Does A Custom Cure Cost?

If you’re a paid member of StopSign Internet Security, you’ll never pay extra for a Custom Cure. Virtually every other malware protection software company charges extra, most in excess of $75 per incident! But with StopSign, you’re covered for no extra charge.

Keeping prices low and following through with cleaning an infected computer with no strings attached is part of our commitment to customer care.

Benefits of a StopSign Custom Cure

  • Fast, personalized anti-malware service for your unique situation.
  • You’re assigned an actual human reviewer who will interpret the results of your individualized report and take care of the details for the necessary cure for your malware issue(s).
  • In many cases, Custom Cures are reported, assigned, reviewed, and fixed within hours.
  • Custom Cures get you back to where you were before your infection faster than traditional software updates.
  • Did we mention no additional charge for this unique service?

If you’re ready for Internet security that guarantees malware removal and has no hidden fees, then download StopSign today and become a subscriber.