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The quotes below are real comments that StopSign members have sent us over the years. We pride ourselves on customer service, and we’ve got plenty of loyal members who’ve been extremely satisfied with StopSign and stick with us year after year. Read what some of them have said about StopSign:

Hey IT WORKED!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!…I had a similar problem like this before the first of the year and ended up having to reformat my hard drive when I had S******* virus software and they wouldn’t help me at all. That’s when I switched to StopSign. I appreciate the follow ups and all the help in resolving this problem and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.

Valerie W.

This is the best software I’ve ever dealt with. It’s easy to use and it actually does what you claim it will do. I had Mc****, and A** virus protection and StopSign continually found things that these programs missed. I don’t use them anymore. Thanks.

Rebecca B.

I don’t really need anything–anymore. I was just wanting to send an e-mail to thank you so much for your service. I am a full time online student and I had contracted a virus and quite a few adware and spyware infections. I was a user of another antivirus that I will not mention, but it is one of the more popular so I felt safe. When I got the virus, it infected my current antivirus as well, causing it to not be able to delete or clean it. After a few months, I finally decided to give your service a shot since it is a satisfaction guaranteed product. Within minutes of visiting your site, I had paid for, received, and used your product. I was no longer infected by any of the spyware, adware, or viruses. I am so thankful. I thought I was just going to loose all of my schoolwork. That would have cost me thousands of dollars if I had to drop the classes. Thanks again.

Julie B.

Thank you for this program, i am so amazed at how it works, it is just awesome, i was surprised when i installed the program how it found things in my computer that my ole standby protection had missed, great job, you have the right to brag.

Dave B.

Oh thank you thank you thank you soo sooo soooooooo much…i think the problem is licked…i had NO POPUPS tonight…my computer didn’t auto shut down on its own out of the blue…AND…my active desk top showed back up…oh gosh thank you thank you thank you…i will never never never be with out stop sign again…Thanks again for saving me from insanity. Big hug to you all.

Laurie W.

Oh ya my computer is running the fastest it has ever run thank u sooo much.

Diane P.

I just want to say thanks to eAcceleration Technical Support Unit,for correcting my virus problem…thank you for assisting me with the removal of the infection on my computer. This quick and fast response to services customer requests is well appreciated.

James B.

I did that (empty my deleted mail) the first day and the computer remained infected. Then I got a window saying that SS [StopSign] would design a special cleaning program for my particular virus. Then I did a scan and was told that my computer is now clean. I feel so much better. Thank you. You are the best and I recommend you all the time.

Arlene M.

I ran the scan with my computer in safe mode. The alanchum virus was removed with the link you gave me. I appreciate your quick response. It was a relief to use your product and your online chat service is excellent. Thanks so much, after 4 days of fighting my machine, it is now virus and spyware clean. I will recommend your product to my friends and acquaintances due to the simplicity of use. Again, thank you for a great product and excellent customer service.

Kim C.

Your program is by far the best i’ve used so far while using the net. It’s giving me peace of mind knowing that your looking out for my computer and knowing that if I did get a serious virus that it will be taken care of in short order. Again thank you for a job well done, and I plan to recommend you to all my friends and family.

Robin Z.

I love my new virus protection. It’s fast, it takes care of any problems and I feel safer. Thank you!

Teresa M.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful support. The steps you sent me to run worked perfectly to rid the virus from my computer. Thanks!

Debby J.

…It is nice to know that there are still friendly people who are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. Thank you.

Aelisa N.