On-Access Scanner

What does the On-Access Scanner do?

Malware often plays the part of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the On-Access Scanner protects your PC from malicious software that’s disguised as a valid program or file. Any time you click on a file, the On-Access Scan starts its scanning process, and if an infection is found, it’s wiped out before it can harm anything.

How does malware get onto my computer?

Email and IM attachments, as well as files downloaded from an unknown source are major threats to your PC’s security. Any time you download a file or open an email you’re opening your computer up to potential threats, the On-Access Scanner starts itself and scans the files for malware. If it finds a potential threat, the On-Access Scanner warns you of the potential danger and awaits your instructions on how to deal with it.

Benefits of the StopSign On-Access Scanner

  • Stops infected files from getting onto your PC and wreaking havoc.
  • Keeps your computer protected between scans.
  • Lets you download files and open email attachments with confidence.
  • Provides real-time scanning for continuous protection.
  • On-Access scanning is done in a background process to keep your computer running as you’d expect.

If you’re ready for real-time virus and spyware protection, download StopSign and get the Internet security software modern computers need.