Threat Scanner

What is the StopSign Threat Scanner?

The Threat Scanner is the core of the StopSign malware defense engine. Its primary objective is to detect, identify, and cure computer infections of any kind, including viruses, spyware, trojans, root kits, keyloggers, worms, browser hijacking software, and any other malware variant on the Internet today. When you download StopSign and install it, you’re taking an active role in preventing malware from harming your computer, your digital pictures, and any sensitive information your PC may contain.

With every new month, the Internet is plagued by hundreds of new malware infections and variants, each one progressively more sinister than the last, and often more resistant to removal with each new iteration. Spyware developers find new and creative ways around being detected and removed, and your Internet security software should be the helping hand that stays ahead of the curve with constant updates to its database of malware definitions. StopSign’s Threat Scanner can be setup to automatically update itself with the latest virus definitions every time a new scan is run. This helps keep your computer in the best position to resist, detect, or cure any malware found.

Why choose StopSign?

The Threat Scanner from StopSign gives your PC complete Internet security. Many security software programs are one-trick ponies: Only providing anti-virus or anti-spyware, for example. But StopSign, with it’s multi-function Threat Scanner, scans for all forms of malware.

Benefits of the StopSign Threat Scanner

  • Helps keep you from being a victim of identity theft by safeguarding your personal information.
  • Malware scanning is done behind the scenes so you can work without being interrupted.
  • Removes spyware cookies that track your browsing history and stops your browser from being hijacked.
  • Keeps your email archives safe with thorough scanning of messages, attachments, etc.
  • Automatically detected malware such as viruses, spyware, and root kits are cured right away. Please note that Free Trial accounts will have infections detected, but not removed until you become a subscriber.

The Threat Scanner also provides a detailed report of security threats found on your computer, and lists the actions taken by StopSign. Malware infections are usually cured, deleted, or quarantined. This way you know when the Threat Scanner has found something, or even better, when there’s nothing to report… Because StopSign has done its job of keeping your computer infection-free.

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