Firewall Software

What does Firewall software do?

Your computer can have a hole in its defenses, leaving your passwords, credit card numbers, and even your sensitive personal information at risk. A software firewall is like digital armor for your computer and is part of a well-rounded Internet security toolbox, keeping you and your data protected by monitoring your Internet connection for suspicious activity.

StopSign’s Firewall software gives your computer ’round the clock protection against hacking attempts. It keeps your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, and keeps a 24/7 watch on your Internet connection. Its main job is to block any and all incoming attacks, and silently protects your PC until it needs to alert you of any problems.

Benefits of the StopSign Firewall

  • Filters all of the traffic coming into and going out of your computer for suspicious activities.
  • Prevents viruses, root kits, keyloggers, spyware, and other types of malware from getting onto your computer in the first place.
  • The StopSign Firewall software is set up for you to set it and forget it.
  • Alerts you when unknown or untrusted software is attempting to access or communicate with your machine.

Download StopSign today and get the Firewall software you need to protect your computer.