Prepare for the Scare! What is Scareware?

Scareware! What is it? Oxford Dictionaries defines it as: Malicious computer programs designed to trick a user into buying and downloading unnecessary and potentially dangerous software, such as fake antivirus protection. Scareware is not a new concept but it appears to be in vogue again…or “rogue” again…as the case may be. Scareware is also referred to […]

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5 Things (Spam Emails) to Ignore This Year!

Spam Defined

Another year is in the books and a new one has begun. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe but here we go! With a new year comes a new To-Do list for wrapping up last year, while checking off the items for kicking off the new year in fine fashion. But rather than add […]

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StopSign Internet Security Now Powered by GFI Software’s VIPRE Client SDK

eAcceleration™ Corp., makers of StopSign™ Internet Security software, and GFI Software™, have entered into a licensing agreement to further enhance the StopSign web protection software suite using the VIPRE™ Client SDK. eAcceleration had been looking to update its software to improve their customers’ protection against the rise of malware, and in the end GFI’s software […]

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Are You Raising a Cyberbully?


If you have a preadolescent, moody, hormonal kid, also known as a teenager, pre-teen, or “tween”, you should be aware of cyberbullying. In our digital, mobile, and social world, cyberbullying is a very real issue and a concern for parents.  Cyberbullying is much more than just a modern version of the good-old-fashioned schoolyard bullying.  In […]

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discounts 2012

Like most companies around this time of year, we’re offering some fantastic savings on our product. This year, our Black Friday/Cyber Monday special is 50% off of any new StopSign Internet security membership. This offer is only good from 11/21/12 to 11/27/12, so be sure to become a StopSign member or sign up a loved […]

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