Dangerous Tech Habits.

Dangerous Tech Habits.

Who would think that something as simple as texting would be a dangerous tech habit? Or uploading a photo? It may be a bit on the overly cautious side, but it’s true.

The relative ease with which we can make our daily life public is great. Thirty years ago we were still relying on long-distance phone calls and snail mail to keep in contact with friends and family, but now we’ve got gadgets and gizmos galore to help us out. Video conferencing, cell phone family plans, and photo sharing sites keep us in constant contact. Traditional long distance phone calls are becoming more a thing of the past and Internet-enabled devices are giving us more ways to connect.

The only down side is that no one is teaching us how to use these things safely. How do we know how far we should go? How much is too much? How can we keep our private information private while still exploring the web? These are questions you usually have to answer yourself. But we’ve come up with some quick tips on things to look out for when you’re out there.

  • Texting while driving:

    I almost feel silly writing this, but the fact is that plenty of people still haven’t figured out that texting while driving is crazy-dangerous. It’s so dangerous, in fact, that many cities are outlawing texting while driving. Pull over or wait until you are parked to send or read a message and keep yourself (and the others around you) safe while on the road.

  • Opening unexpected email attachments:

    It happens to the best of us, but this is particularly important if you like keeping your PC virus-free. Don’t open emails from anyone you don’t know, and only open/save/view files from friends when you know you’re expecting something.

  • Public geolocation announcements:

    Foursquare sure is fun, especially when you’re mayor of a location or you get a new badge. So is geotagging your pictures and putting them on Flickr for grandma to see. But be careful when you’re doing these things because if you have geotagging enabled, anyone who has access to your geo-aware services or websites may be able to see the location of your home, school, or office. That may be fine if you only allow friends and family access, but if you leave it open for everyone you may be giving more details than you mean to do. And the last thing you want is an unwelcome visitor coming over.

  • No backups:

    If you aren’t backing up your important files (taxes, family photos, legal documents, etc.) then you’re asking for trouble. DVD burners and external hard drives are pretty reasonably priced, so there’s no real excuse for it unless you like the danger of flirting with disaster.

  • Easy passwords:

    If you haven’t read our post “12 Tips for Making a Good Password.“, do it now. I’ll wait. Did you read it? Good. Now go change all of your passwords.

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62 Common Internet & Texting Acronyms.

62 Common Internet & Texting Acronyms.

If you’re new to the Internet or texting on your cell phone you may be confused by all the acronyms and text shortcuts used by more experienced users. To help you out we’ve compiled a set of 62 common acronyms used in text messages, IMs, social networks, and anywhere else that people want (or are required) to use fewer typed characters to get a thought or idea across to someone else. We’ve listed each one like this:

acronym: definition

example use

Please note that even though the acronyms below are written in ALL CAPS, it’s not necessary to use the capital letters, and most people tend to mix upper- and lowercase depending on the situation anyhow. Keep in mind that if you do use caps for the acronyms themselves it’s generally not considered poor netiquette even though typing in ALL CAPS is usually read as “shouting”.

  1. ABT: About

    What was that movie abt?

  2. ADN: Any Day Now

    ADN the printer will be done with my reports.

  3. AFAIK: As Far As I Know

    AFAIK the info is correct.

  4. AFK: Away From Keyboard

    Wife just got home. AFK for a bit to say “hi” to her.

  5. ASA: As Soon As

    I’ll be there ASA I’m done with work.

  6. ATM: At The Moment

    Can’t chat, I’m busy ATM.

  7. B/C: Because

    I love chocolate b/c it’s delicious.

  8. B4: Before

    What happened b4 it started raining?

  9. BB: Blackberry

    Just got 5 new messages on my BB.

  10. BIO: Bio (Bathroom) Break

    Hold on, I need to bio.

  11. BRB: Be Right Back

    I have to run to the store. BRB

  12. BTW: By The Way

    BTW your sister called earlier.

  13. F2F: Face To Face

    Let’s have a F2F meeting about the proposal.

  14. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    You can find the answers in the FAQ.

  15. FWIW: For What It’s Worth

    I like that color, FWIW.

  16. G2G: Good To Go

    Two more signups and we’re G2G.

  17. GL: Good Luck

    GL with meeting your boyfriend’s parents tonight.

  18. GN: Good Night

    I’m going to bed. GN.

  19. GTK: Good To Know

    Sewing buttons is something that’s GTK how to do.

  20. HTH: Hope That Helps

    The answer is 42. HTH

  21. IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer

    IANAL but it seems like he’s within his legal rights.

  22. IAW: In Accordance With

    I put it together IAW the instructions that came with it.

  23. IDK: I Don’t Know

    IDK the answer to that.

  24. ILU: I Love You

    You got me the DVD? ILU!

  25. IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

    IMHO that color looks terrible.

  26. IRL: In Real Life

    Bob? Yeah, he’s not just an Internet friend. I know him IRL.

  27. JK: Just Kidding

    I’m running 20 minutes behind. JK I’m right around the corner.

  28. KBD: Keyboard

    I love my new wireless KBD.

  29. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

    Don’t make it complicated. KISS.

  30. KIT: Keep In Touch

    It was nice seeing you again. KIT!

  31. L2R: Learn To Read

    It’s right in the instructions. L2R, silly. 🙂

  32. L8R: Later

    Gotta go. L8R, bud.

  33. LOL: Laugh(ing) Out Loud

    Your text made me actually LOL!

  34. MOTD: Message of the Day

    It’s time to change the MOTD in the break room.

  35. MYOB: Mind Your Own Business

    Even if she did say that, I suggest you MYOB and stay out of it.

  36. N/A: Not Applicable

    Those instructions are N/A to this test.

  37. NC: No Comment

    I heard him say it, but NC. I’m keeping my mouth shut.

  38. NP: No Problem

    It’ll be NP to finish this within the hour.

  39. NSFW: Not Safe For Work

    Don’t open that website in the office, it’s NSFW.

  40. NVM: Never Mind

    Did you find my pen? Oh wait, NVM. I found it.

  41. O/S: Operating System

    What O/S are you using?

  42. OIC: Oh I See

    OIC what you mean!

  43. OMG: Oh My Goodness

    OMG that new haircut looks so good on you!

  44. OMW: On My Way

    I just left work and I’m OMW to meet you.

  45. OOS: Out Of Sight (Scope)

    That new car is OOS.

  46. OTOH: On The Other Hand

    OTOH you may be right about this.

  47. POV: Point Of View

    From my POV there was nothing there.

  48. RTFM: Read The Fine Manual

    Next time RTFM that came with the printer before you open it up!

  49. RU: Are You

    RU going to be at the next meeting?

  50. SO: Significant Other

    Tina is bringing her SO to the restaurant.

  51. THX: Thanks

    Thx for the pictures!

  52. TLA: Three Letter Acronym

    He uses TLAs all the time in his messages.

  53. TMI: Too Much Information

    She told us all about her surgery last week. TMI!

  54. TTYL: Talk To You Later

    I need to go to sleep now. TTYL.

  55. TYVM: Thank You Very Much

    TYVM for those reports.

  56. UR: Your/You’re

    UR car’s alarm is going off.

  57. URL: Uniform Resource Locator (e.g. a website’s address)

    What’s the URL to the website you told me about earlier?

  58. W8: Wait

    W8 for me before you go.

  59. W/E: Whatever

    W/E you want to eat for lunch is fine with me.

  60. YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

    It worked on my computer, but YMMV.

  61. WRT: With Regard To

    WRT your meeting request, I think that’s fine.

  62. WTH: What The Heck

    My mouse just stopped working WTH?

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